Rachel Downey


I went to Sarah at a time that I was trying to understand a devastating outcome from a complex work issue that had been on-going for more than 9 months.  I had been a successful, confident and out-going person, but due to the circumstances that I found myself in, I was unable to go out locally, was suffering from anxiety and unable to talk too many of my friends and colleagues.  Sarah is an extremely good and non-judgemental listener who really got to grips with, not only what I had gone through, but quickly and intuitively identified, in all that was negative, what was going to make a difference to me and how I was going to move on.  She was able to focus on what I needed to get from the session and in partnership with me set a goal to work towards.  I went home and thought long and hard about our session and from there I became optimistic in outlook which started a chain of very positive events.   I would highly recommend Sarah’s Well Being session as a personalised step towards a better, healthier and happier future.

Claire Grandi

I was recently diagnosed with a recurrent disease, something that I thought I had dealt with five years ago. After an extremely stressful year it didn’t really come as much of a surprise that my condition had returned. When I was first diagnosed five years ago I decided or more of a gut feeling that I shouldn’t go down the conventional root, I totally changed my lifestyle dealing with diet, exercise and mind. It worked! This time I knew that I needed to delve deeper with the mind work and although I read many books on various ideas, I felt that I needed guidance from a real person. Luckily for me I came across Sarah, through her I have awakened myself to listen and tune into what my body needs to heal. It is an amazing journey and certainly not over yet, but I know that I am in a much better space and well on the way to healing my body how we humans should be healing naturally. Sarah has been such a major part of my healing journey I am grateful to have her in my life.

Roy Peach

Coach & Creative

I count myself very fortunate to have known Sarah for some time now. Not only has she provided me with excellent massages, but is wonderful with her kind, caring and supportive coaching. She knows just the right thing to say when I am doubting myself and has helped me push through a lot of barriers preventing me from getting ahead with many aspects of my life.
I have also had the pleasure of working alongside her so have seen first-hand her excellent abilities to interact with children and teens. A natural with all ages. Sarah truly believes in the individual and gives space for you to explore and discover your own capabilities. I highly recommend Sarah.

Amanda Holmes

Marketing Director

I have known Sarah for over 15 years and been going to her for a massage and a good chat about life. Always come away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world again.

Elaine Taylor

Fantastic back, neck, shoulder and head massage today, highly recommended, instant release of tension thankyou Sarah. Also previously had a hypnotherapy session which was also superb, extremely relaxing.

Nilmini Roelens


Super relaxing treatments and Sarah’s voice is incredibly soothing and reassuring! Just what you need to destress, take all the angst and pressures of life away…

Sonia Palek

Pilates Instructor

Yesterday, I shed a layer of old skin that was brought to light in my first session with Sarah. It felt amazing to ditch the fog, heat and chaos from my gut, stomach and my head and make space for a complete calm! Not only have I head the most wonderful sleep last night, but I got myself to sit up and meditate in the middle of the day today maintaining the wellness from the session. Everyone needs to know about Sarah’s Space and I am so going to tell Thank you Sarah!

Silvia Siret

Holistic Life Coach

I’ve been going to Sarah’s Space for weeks now, and my neck and shoulders (trapped nerve and frozen-shoulder-like pains) are mostly freed up again. What a relief. Had lots of treatment over 6 months, mostly chiropractic, but the massage did the trick. Sarah is not only a great massage therapist, but also a holistic coach and considers blockages in the body as blockages in the energetic system (the thinking, the feelings – all goes into the muscles). Therefore, her help is positively different from massage therapists who only see the body, not the psyche. Can wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Ellis Corcoran

I had my first ever visit today, I’ve never had a massage before and wanted to support a small local business and found Sarah. Sarah was fantastic talked me through the whole process as well as an in-depth consultation. I left feeling like a new woman and have booked in again already!! Thanks Sarah already recommended to friends and family.



Really enjoyed my back, neck and shoulder massage, left feeling totally relaxed and stress free, thank you!

Waleed El Baz

Very recommended . She’s great . always feels better after I leave.

Pam Kinnaird

Sarah is an excellent listener and treats one very individually. An excellent masseuse too.

Tina Welch

First visit to Sarah’s but certainly won’t be the last.. arrived with several neck, shoulder and back issues.. left feeling freer and more mobile… what I loved was the wonderful way Sarah conducted the consultation to get to the root of the problem causing the issues, so also left with a lighter mind…definitely returning… thank you Sarah



Feeling miles better! Thanks Sarah. Just had a relaxing and therapeutic massage from Sarah and feel physically and mentally stronger. You’ve got rid of the knots in my shoulders and the joy and empathy you radiate made me happier than when I arrived. Result!