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Sarah Bagnall

How do I know what you need?

I’m Sarah and I partner with you to cut all the ties with your past and all that no longer serves you so that you can move forward in your life and embrace everything you ever wanted.

What People Say About Me

What People Say About Me

My depression and anxiety were at an all-time low, so I was referred to Sarah and within the first session, I started to feel calmer. With the techniques she gave me, I could self treat every day in between our sessions. My wife definitely noticed the positive changes and has encouraged me to continue seeing Sarah on a regular basis. I feel I enjoy social occasions more now (I used to feel anxious beforehand) and I have also learnt to enjoy the moment. I continue to use Sarah’s techniques although I don't need to as often as before. Sarah is a warm, open and easy-going therapist and coach who instantly made me feel at ease. I highly recommend her.
I was recently diagnosed with a recurrent physical issue, something that I thought I had dealt with five years ago. I came across Sarah and through her I have awakened myself to listen and tune into what my body needs to heal. It is an amazing journey and I am in a much better space. Sarah has been such a major part of my healing journey I am grateful to have her in my life.
Claire Grandi
Retired Head Gardener
Sarah is an extremely good and non-judgemental listener who really got to grips with, not only what I had gone through, but quickly and intuitively identified, in all that was negative, what was going to make a difference to me and how I was going to move on. She was able to focus on what I needed to get from the session and in partnership with me set a goal to work towards.
Yesterday, I shed a layer of old skin that was brought to light in my first session with Sarah. It felt amazing to ditch the fog, heat and chaos from my gut, stomach and my head and make space for a complete calm!
Pilates Instructor
I count myself very fortunate to have known Sarah for some time now. Not only has she provided me with excellent massages, but is wonderful with her kind, caring and supportive coaching. She knows just the right thing to say when I am doubting myself and has helped me push through a lot of barriers preventing me from getting ahead with many aspects of my life.
Coach & Creative

Are you ready to change your life & take control of your future?