I give myself permission to be calm

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I give myself permission to be calm

by Sarah Bagnall

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Before you go through your healing process, you may struggle with how to handle difficult situations.

If you let your emotions dictate your behaviour, you know you’ll have regrets.

It’s OK for people to say take a step back in order to remain calm, but what if your triggers are so strong, there’s no space for that when you are faced with conflict?

This is one of my goals for my clients. To go from being triggered and reacting, to becoming calm in all situations.

My first exercise with you would be for you to come to your breath to centre and find the stillness within.

You can stay with your breath for as long as you need to, (at least ten counts) as you move your awareness into your body.

As you remain breathing, start to notice this:

Three things you can hear
Three things you can see
Three things you can sense

Now it’s time to give yourself permission to feel at ease, calm, safe and in control.

How to minimise stressful reactions in the future

Now you have your anti stress first aid kit, here’s a checklist so you won’t react in time.

Don’t overload yourself. Create healthy boundaries by saying no (even to yourself). When you aren’t stretched, you won’t be so sensitive to your triggers.

Don’t let yourself get hangry. It’s a real phenomenon cause by low blood sugar. Have regular healthy snacks such as juicy fruits, energy bars and smoothies.

Make sure that you get enough sleep in order to rejuvenate your body and mind. Turn off screens an hour before bed. Use earplugs and a sleep mask if necessary. You can even try a sleep meditation that plays all night long.

Rest two or three times a day. It doesn’t need to be for long, so everyone has time. Just allow yourself to switch off and find that calm within before you go about your daily business. Consider staring out of the window, listening to a song, or doing some breathing for a couple of minutes each time.

Are you ready to change your life & take control of your future?

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